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  • Motor AI assistance
  • Read, interpret & Clear Codes
  • Find My Garage
  • Freeze Frame
  • Service Reports
  • Live Data
  • Remote Diagnosis

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  • Motor AI assistance
  • Read, interprete & Clear Codes
  • Find My Garage
  • Freeze Frame
  • Repair Peports
  • Live Data
  • Remote Diagnosis


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  • Motor AI Assistance
  • Read, Interprete & Clear Codes
  • Find Your Mechanic
  • Freeze Frame
  • Repair Reports
  • Live Data
  • Remote Diagnosis
About Us

Mechanic AI was founded with a mission to revolutionize the automotive service industry by leveraging advanced technology to provide seamless, reliable, and efficient vehicle maintenance services. Our innovative platform provides state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, AI-powered mechanic assistance, and a robust booking system to ensure your vehicle gets the best care possible.

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Remote Diagnosis

With remote diagnosis, mechanics can provide assistance or guidance without the car needing to be physically present at the workshop. This can be particularly useful for addressing minor issues or offering immediate advice in case of a breakdown.

Find My Garage

“Find My Garage” feature enhances the vehicle maintenance and repair experience by making it easier for car owners to find and connect with reliable service providers in their area.

Motor AI

Chat with our advanced AI assistant on everything you need to know about your car.


We provide real-time solutions for your vehicle problems. 

AI Based Diagnosis 100%
Find My Mechanic 100%
Know My Car 100%
Check Sensors 98%
Our Features
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Live Data

Monitor of your vehicle’s performance metrics and health status in Real-time

Advanced Diagnosis

In-depth analysis and troubleshooting of complex car issues using cutting-edge diagnostic tool

Service Reports

Comprehensive and easy-to-understand reports detailing diagnostics, repairs, and maintenance history.

Find Your Garage

At the click of a button, find and connect with reliable Garages in your area.

Freeze Frame

Capture the engine speed, temperature, fuel trim, and vehicle speed, helping mechanics diagnose the issue by providing context for the fault.

Remote Diagnosis

Connect with your mechanic for remote assistance or guidance without the car needing to be physically present at the workshop.

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To ensure we provide a good exparience and coverage, our AI-based Diagnostics tools and platform undergos several compatibility test and news brands added on a daily basis

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